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Space jewelry



The "Space Jewelery" Grüber is thought of as a fashion and culture container, through which the public can imagine as an art exhibition. No more, therefore, mere brokering of taste, but exclusive style interpretation.
The media model follows a "brand" strategy unleashed by the commercials of the commercial partners, restoring the tradition of jewelery qualifying for its goldsmith's production and product choices.
Of course, this does not exclude that there is a strong partnership with the "privileged" partners, among whom are famous illustrious names of the Made in Italy jewelery as Davite & Delucchi and Piero Milano. Alongside these selections, they make a good show of whether the Grüber creations, "unusual jewels only". Precious engraved jade, coral, fossil ivory, and masterly mounted stones in white, yellow or pink gold to affirm an unusual, original, unique creativity definition.
Particular public interest aroused the collection "Meid'in Sisili". Every single specimen is crafted artisanally, one by one.
"It is not easy to establish a concept of" unusual "jewel stable, as its definition is changeable, changing for ties to experience and culture. What was unusual five years ago is no longer today. There is therefore a need for a continuous search for solutions, materials and strategies that will enable the realization of a cultural project which, by rejecting the static idea of ​​brokerage, aims to find shapes and styles that will stimulate emotions. After resin and steel, the new path could be the reinterpretation of the European goldsmith tradition, but also the appeal to the charm of Eastern civilizations.
Diamond creations occupy a key strategic space in the "Grüber-Thought". Quality, clarity and certification are indispensable elements.
"Distracting through the often contradictory information pattern that a buyer receives on" diamonds "is complicated as obscure. Serenity can only arise from the competence and reliability of the jeweler to whom it is addressed. Source certification is a further guarantee to make good choices >>​

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