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With the latest Great Characters, Montblanc tells the myth of Muhammed Ali

2023-12-28 19:03

Domenico Ferraguto

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With the latest Great Characters, Montblanc tells the myth of Muhammed Ali

Muhammad Ali was a three-time World Heavyweight Champion and his legendary exploits made him one of the most influential men of the 20th century.

Few athletes in the world achieve such fame to be celebrated and honored as Muhammad Ali. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay was   A three-time World Heavyweight Champion, his legendary exploits in the world of sport and civil rights activism made him one of the most influential athletes and aid workers of the 20th century. As an athlete, Ali shook the world with his strength, skills and personality, becoming World Champion of Heavyweight at the age of just 22.


His sporting triumphs are, however, only a part, albeit an important one, of the Muhammed Ali myth. His commitment to the affirmation of civil rights and the fight against discrimination against African Americans had a profound impact on American society. The recognition of the value of his commitment can be ideally summarized by the words of American President Barak Obama on the occasion of his passing. " Muhammad Ali shook the world and for this the world is better, for this we are better"


Crafted from premium black resin, the cap mimics the shape of a punching bag, while the body design recreates the punching wraps worn by boxers to protect their hands.

The hood features various decorative elements, including Ali's famous exclamation, and a butterfly inspired by his signature fighting style: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


. The pointed cone takes up this last concept and is engraved with four lines representing the ropes of the ring. The inscriptions on the cone refer to Ali's victory at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, and the first world heavyweight championship, which he won in Miami in 1964.

The cap ring features the details of his victory, namely that he won in the seventh round by TKO. To celebrate its first title, the white resin Montblanc emblem is adorned with the number 1. To emphasize his success, the clip reproduces the shape of a boxing champion's belt with his name.

The handcrafted Au 585 solid gold nib is embossed with his boxing glove.

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